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Digger Derricks & Pressure Digger Trucks in the Southwest

Digger derricks and pressure digger trucks go hand in hand with commercial fleets in many industries. Contractors involved in utility and telecommunications infrastructure all make use of these highly specialized hydraulic vehicles to dig holes, place poles, and construct or replace networks. Utility Crane & Equipment, Inc. is a renowned supplier of digger derricks and pressure digger trucks for customers and contractors all throughout the Southwestern U.S., including Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawaii, and El Paso County, TX. We offer fleets only the best-in-class equipment needed to get the job done with safety, durability, and precision in mind.

view of new truck from cherry picker

The Versatile Inventory You Can Count On

When you’re in the search for superior dependability, Utility Crane & Equipment, Inc. has the digger derricks and pressure digger trucks you’re looking for. Our inventory of digger derricks and pressure digger trucks are manufactured by some of the world’s most reputable names like Versalift, Elliott, and Highway, equipped with all the vital tools you need to perform various applications, including construction, electrical, gas, oil mining, signage and lighting, utilities distribution and transmission, and much more.

Highway Manufacturing’s line of pressure diggers and foundation pressure drills is designed to balance power and maneuverability, capable of drilling holes fifty feet deep. Versalift engineers smarter, lightweight digger derricks that offer best-in-class payload and ease of maintenance. Elliott Equipment manufactures a collection of digger derricks that features high boom pinpoint geometry for maximum power, ergonomic seating, and a variable displacement piston pump. No matter what your needs are, our inventory of the finest digger derricks and pressure digger trucks is your one-stop solution.

World-Class Utility Fleet Solutions

Our industry professionals at Utility Crane & Equipment, Inc. have provided our customers with top-of-the-line utility fleet solutions and world-class customer service since 1979. Our exceptional equipment sales and support services span a wide variety of equipment needs and are available throughout the Southwest. Shop our vast inventory of digger derricks and pressure digger trucks today.


Utility Crane & Equipment, Inc. Has Quality Equipment Covered